Annual BCNY Buddhist Forum

February 21, 2022

Now you can watch our forum held on February 21, 2022 by online.

BCNY Buddhist Forum 2022. This year’s theme is: “Compassion, Kindness, and a Community of Involvement” The Sub-theme is: “No Mud, No Lotus” ~ In remembrance of the late Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh. The objective is to address how the Buddhist Community while being true to itself, can be more active with City Government and more supportive and helpful to all.

The event starts. 0:00:00 Welcome by James Lynch (President BCNY) – 0:05:50

Opening Chant and Meditation by Ven. Dhamajothi– 0:17:35

1st Speaker: Roshi Joan Hoeberichts – 0:21:00

2nd Speaker: Pastor Gil Monrose of City Government – 0:34:00

Q & A (Write in Chat) – 0:43:50

3rd Speaker: Officer William Kwok New York Police Department – 0:52:10 Greetings from Inspector Taylor – 0:55:30

5th Speaker: Ven T.K. Nakagaki – 1:06:00

6th Speaker: Ven Youwang – 1:18:00

7th Speaker: Rev. Tenku – 1:32:45

8th Speaker: Roshi Daiken Nelson – 1:40:30

Break out Room Discussion based on what was heard. (exchanging after Break out room)

Closing: Rev. Doyeon Park: 2:12:00

Thank you so much for your support, kindness, and compassion for this important event on behalf of the Buddhist Community.

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