Our community welcomes you.


BCNY Membership: Sanghas can become members of the Buddhist Council for $150 per year. Individuals can also join for $75 per year. Your membership helps us to put on Vesak Day, the Buddhist Forum, and Meditate NYC. More importantly, your membership helps to bring all sanghas together as the New York sangha.

When you join the Buddhist Council of New York, you join a family of communities and individuals seeking to share love and light with the world.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Supporting Buddhist awareness, Interfaith participation and community outreach.
  • Listing on our promotional postcards and in our websites:
  • Being part of the Buddhist Forum as well as Vesak celebration
  • “Table Space” at all public Council events, including Meditate NYC and the Buddhist Forum
  • You can send your voting representative to our monthly meetings, sharing your concerns and ideas.
  • Organization Membership: $150 per year
  • Individual Membership: $70 per year

Please make your check payable to: “Buddhist Council of New York, Inc.” Mail your check to our treasurer Ven. Dhammajothi

Attn: Ven. Dhammajothi (BCNY)
New York Buddhist Vihara
21422 Spencer Ave
Queens Village, NY 11427